Brabus has presented restyled roadster Mercedes SL SV 12 S

brabus mercedes sl sv 12 s Brabus has presented restyled roadster Mercedes SL SV 12 SSimply holiday what that! Yes is not present, I not about 1may, and a novelty from tuners Brabus which have decided to support celebratory mood of many fans with the mega-announcement — restyled roadster SL SV 12 S with a 730-strong cursor.

Brabus once again proves, that the tuning scene top belongs exclusively to guys from Botrop — and it is fair.

New “male” in a ruler Brabus has been allocated by the forced power unit borrowed at model Rocket. Capacity of a 6,3-litre bi-turbo engine makes 730 horsepowers and the maximum twisting moment already in 1 320 Nanometers which with a view of avoidance unforeseen has been underestimated to 1 100 Nanometers. The power transmission — the modified five-step automatic machine which is completed by the sports block differential, allowing in turn to hold “burning down” drive gear in certain frameworks of the permitted.

High-speed indicators as impress. Dispersal to hundred — for four seconds, and the maximum speed makes already “habitual” 350 km/h (works the arrester). Thus it is necessary to notice, that the optimal drive the running gear has been allocated the resetting of a ground clearance modernised system which can be reduced as much as possible by 25 mm and high-strength brakes about 375 mm “hollow disks” both 12-piston calipers ahead and 355 mm “hollow disks” with 6-piston calipers behind. Contact piece to a line — is, moreover what. Here the optimal variant — 20-inch disks with tyres 255/30 and 305/25 has been offered.

As to «design» here irrespective of a power stuffing and electronic gadgets everyone there, Brabus masters offer for newcomer SL as decent forms a weather-cloth presented by a powerful face-to-face bumper with additional lights and “garlands” of a natural light (we will recollect Audi A5), channels with the integrated LED-illumination, a bumper of a tailpiece with a couple of spoilers, the choke tube and a small wing on a boot lid. Special attention — on presented by two double chromeplated branch pipes sports which roar will result envious persons in horror, and the owner to an easy selfish grin: — «THIS mine».

Interior — typical Brabus where a skin abundance, alcantra, carbone and aluminium set thinking: — «Again too most?» To tell the truth it would be desirable that that of the newcomer. Can it is fast and we will see.

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