Weber F1 «Faster one» — smile, the driver!

weber f1 Weber F1 «Faster one» — smile, the driver!As a matter of fact it is the most unique of penalties which not looking at all negative statements and emotions concerning design, all the same has been finished to “mind” and it is presented ready and adjusted to the small limited series this summer. Weber F1 — excellent fresh style.


Swisses have not miscalculated — the novelty has turned out such what has been conceived and even is presented in 2007 as concept to Monaco. The body — continuous exotic where the grimace of a face-to-face part reminds most likely the moustached merry fellow and in any to a measure not that can is quiet and without any overstrain to do a boundary maximal already in 400 km/h. Similarity Veiron?


The 400-100-th boundary to a novelty from manufactory Weber helps to reach its super-power 900-strong unit which is presented in the form of modified 7,1-litre bi-compressor V8-silovika borrowed at model Corvette which maximum twisting moment at pressure in 1,0 bar reaches all of 1 050 Nanometers. Transmission — the, that is “Web Ersky” which is presented semi-automatic sekvental by a six-step box with switching “petals” on a wheel, transferring all power on all wheel drive system. Dispersal to hundred — all for 2,5 seconds, to 200 — almost for seven seconds and 300 — for 16,2 seconds. It is unreal or?


All secret — in a body, presented continuous carbone, that gives considerable “weightlessness” and a specific design of a frame which weighs only there in any 65 kgs of an alloy of aluminium. Brakes — high-strength “ceramics” in the form of 380 mm of disks and 12p calipers, and in contact piece to a line in turn enter 20-inch with tyres 285/25 and 325/25.


In a word — excellent penalties where it is possible easy over design and to cry looking on the price list — all that 995 000 euros. Who the first?

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