Audi A3 TDI Clubsport Quattro — that for an animal?

audi a3 tdi clubsport quatt1 Audi A3 TDI Clubsport Quattro — that for an animal?Every year — a new toy. On May, 21st in Austria on lake Vyorterzee the next annual show of fans of cars Audi and VW will open, and for this significant event as always has been prepared a couple exclusive concept — for example Audi A3 TDI Clubsport Quattro. And besides — a diesel engine!


Novelty heart is two-litre «Commonrail» the unit capacity in 224 horsepowers and with the maximum twisting moment in 450 Nanometers. The drive gear — full, and switching of speeds is carried out by means of six-step mechanics, that in turn allows to be dispersed to hundred for 6,6 seconds and to develop the maximum speed to 240 km/h. As to “running gear” high-strength brake “ceramics” and system of a choice of a mode of a drive «Drive Select» where it is offered to the driver three modes — “comfort” here has been offered, “dynamics” and “individual”. Switching of modes is carried out by means of a key on a wheel.


In the field of a body, “three” has been undermined under bright red окрас and specific design of a face-to-face part where the powerful radiator enclosure and a couple air “holes” do habitual A3 simply unrecognizable. To all it should add on the expanded wheel arches, a channel and new side panels and spoilers a tailpiece which is supplemented with two huge exhaust nozzles — on one on the right and at the left.


The interior — is both such. Sports and a drive is put on the main thing, and it means, that presence of such typical elements as sport armchairs, a sports wheel, aluminium moldings and other thingummies, will make the main business and will impart love to any even the most inveterate motorist. In a word — the machine that is necessary!


And in the conclusion it would be desirable to remind, that in 2007 on the given show sport penalty Golf GTI W12 with a 650-strong stuffing which became brightest “figure” of show and to this day has been presented concept. Excellent penalties.

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