Bugatti Streamliner — a new toy for sheikhs

bugatti streamliner Bugatti Streamliner — a new toy for sheikhsThat has shown Bugatti in Geneva, is the single copy which destiny to tell the truth is not absolutely predicted for today. 1 500 000 euros for such toy not will lay out everyone, unless a couple of the gone crazy sheikhs which with boredom of a steppe life have lost interest to everyones there Ferrari and Lamborghini.


For today the company conducts working out of one more extreme — four-seater superpenalty Streamliner which will receive a face-to-face cursor and classical body styles similar to model Veyron. Responsible for so important boundary of workings out the group of designers from Malta under Roiben Cammit which have deigned to present a couple of plausible sketches of a novelty has been appointed.


As to the engine here the preference has been given the W12-unit which has already successfully recommended itself in Bentley Continental and as a matter of fact it is used also in models Phaeton.


In the rest — any special “trifles” concerning a conclusion and model presentation it has not been made public. However it is quite probable, that Bugatti Streamliner it will be already presented the public on a following Geneva motor show. We will look.

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