BMW M1 Hommage — have fallen in love all

bmw m1 hommage BMW M1 Hommage — have fallen in love allNot bad! Very not bad! It is possible even to tell: — the “Poison”, which concern BMW has presented to honour of 30-year-old anniversary sport penalty M1 on annual show in Italy «Concorso dEleganza Villa dEste». Public exulted.


We grow old — by the first «M» it was executed 30, and what history! In total that has been exhausted what there 456 copies, the most part from which is already hidden for a long time on cellars, museums and garages of “bouncing” collectors which at all collection pathos for any money and titles will disagree to leave the given beauty. Retro!


Concept M1 Hommage it is continuation in which it would be desirable to see, through years so five, a legendary series with the thirty-year experience, especially on an Internet for a long time photos of the possible successor of data a sport penalty already walk. Here it is impossible to carp at design and taste as this miracle is a gift to the fans, and send to a horsy in teeth as is known do not look. It is possible to underline only similarities to the predecessor, to sigh and having scratched «face» to reflect on a possible power stuffing concept as in the given occasion concern BMW has not deigned to make what or statements.


It would be desirable to hope, that the given beauty will pursue us the subsequent time for a couple of motor shows which we is final waits with extreme patience where it would be desirable it to touch, stroke and caress. And as — all the same «M» from BMW.

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