Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir — a knight’s move

bugatti veyron sang noir1 Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir — a knights moveThat is presented in photos and if to judge under statements of spetsov-sceptics and some PR managers, superpenalty Bugatti Sang Noir is strictly limited series, the material about which was caught in a net the Internet as say “casually”.


Next «Bugatti’s» public relations or it has a good time a couple sophisticated Arabian sheikhs who from a strong indisposition with solid bolids and to superpenalties have begun to close up recently under «carbone and a skin» the numerous motor-vehicle pool. Can and so. In this occasion there is a set of opinions, but as though the official should consider, that it really certain limited serial «Sang Noir», the official information about which should leave literally one of these days — we will look.


But nevertheless, while it would be desirable to address to our “eyes” and to underline, that the novelty is presented in a strict black body with a couple carbone the inserts, the blacked out head lights, restyling cooler and handsome men disks in new specific design. The interior has in turn got completely an orange shade and is added by certain unknown multimedia “sweets”.


As to approximate cost of a novelty, here while full silence as company Bugatti for the present has not deigned to make concerning “flare” a superpenalty what or statements. We will wait!

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