New Volkswagen GTI Performance Concept


volkswagen gti concept New Volkswagen GTI Performance ConceptAs it became known, Volkswagen will present at exhibition Worthersee GTI Meet concept GTI Performance Study which photos have been published today. Changes have concerned both appearance, and an interior. As to appearance on the car the new aerodynamic complete set consisting of a front bumper with the big air intakes has been established, lateral “skirts”, and also a new rear bumper with the choke tube. Also from these photos we can see the established new exhaust system with trapezoid branch pipes of the exhaust system, new wheel disks, and also the new underestimated suspender. Well and, certainly, doors from company Lambo Style Doors.


As to interior it has undergone to cardinal changes. Now the car can transport three passengers with the landing formula 2+1. The interior has been completely sheathed alcantra and the combined skin, in it had been added new acoustics and new devices of the control over engine work.


As to the engine for the present there is no official information on degree of its completion, but, it is possible to tell safely, that aside it did not remain.

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