Black miracle Hamann Ferrari F430

ferrari hamman1 Black miracle Hamann Ferrari F430

Known German tuning studio Hamann has let out charged version Ferrari F430 under simple name Black Miracle (the Black Miracle). In what wonderful properties new a super-penalty consist to understand not too difficultly:

In the first, Black Miracle has received the black body covered by a special matte film which can be put or removed easily. Secondly, have introduced some element of originality the bright orange inserts, a new forward spoiler, overlays on a bumper and thresholds, unique back run-out and a powerful rear wing, and also mirrors and easy 20-inch hammered wheel disks. In the third, to the car have given the new lateral doors opening vertically upwards in style « a wing of the seagull », have increased capacity of the engine up to 540 horsepowers (having reprogrammed the block of management of the engine and having established the new catalyst with the muffler), and also – modernized a suspension bracket and brake system.

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