Porsche Sportec SPR1


sportec spr1 Porsche Sportec SPR1On a motor show in Geneva, tuning studio Sportec has shown the charged version of model Porsche 997 under name SPR1 which is capable to develop the maximum speed over 380 km/h. To reach such high high-speed indicators, the studio has added base, 3,6-litre Porsche the unit has some to pepper, having modified its two powerful final turboladers. Thus, at the first stage of version or the first step at pressure of forced aspiration from 2,2 bar.

The unit brings on scales capacity to equal 700 horsepowers and 810 Nanometers of a twisting moment. To take from the unit on pair horsies it is more, engineers suggest to increase pressure of forced aspiration to 2,25 bar., that as a result brings at 8 000 rpm. All of 802 horsepowers and 880 Nanometers. A twisting moment. In appropriate way, from a positive side high-speed indicators where according to company Sportec weaker variant reaches a boundary in 100 km/h prove to be also. In 3,2 seconds also it is capable to develop the maximum speed to 364 km/h., and more powerful variant reaches 100 km/h. For 3,0 seconds and the maximum speed over 380 km/h. Thus average consumption of fuel makes 13,7 l. On 100 km.


Specially for the given model the made running parts of the motor and a shaft, should transfer confidently and safely all capacity on a line where action is entered by the big 20-inch disks from a light-metal alloy which are equipped by tyres of dimension 255/30 on a front axle and tyres 345/25 on the rear. To version has undergone as well the base chassis which by button pressing can be defined under this or that condition of a line.


About confident braking charged SPR1, the high-efficiency braking system about the big 380 mm brake hollow disks and eight-piston calipers on a front axle, and also 330 mm cares. Hollow disks with 4pistons calipers on the rear.


That optical to allocate that is inside, engineers of studio had to work a little. Specially developed parts of an aerodynamic weather-cloth as face-to-face and rear a bumper, should optimise air flows and give models free for movement a corridor. Here too it is necessary to note a powerful rear wing of a tailpiece which cares about more attraction to force on a rear axle.


Internal space of pepper, designers suggest to equip sports leather seats, a sports leather wheel and as carbone and aluminium applications.

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