Porsche Sportec SP580


sportec sp580 Porsche Sportec SP580Not too often studio Sportec pleases the fans charged Porsche. If to recollect, one of last and “brightest” models can note Sportec SPR1, constructed on the basis of Porsche 997 and presented on a motor show in Geneva in 2006. Today, the studio represents new sport penalties — Sportec Porsche SP580.

Sportec SP580 has been realised from flesh Porsche 911 Turbo where by means of simple “chip” and pair of considerable versions, masters of studio managed to increase an engine power already to 580 horsepowers and 765 Nanometers of a twisting moment.


As a whole the tuner offers three variants of increase of capacity where the first allows to reach result in 530 “horsies” and 720 Nanometers (the optimised inlet system, the reprogrammed control package. From 3 100 euros) with dispersal to “hundred” for 3,6 seconds and the maximum speed in 328 km/h, the second variant (the reprogrammed control package, optimisation of inlet and final system, sports catalysts. From 9 000 euros) increases to 550 horsepowers and 740 Nanometers (100 km/h for 3,5 seconds and the maximum speed to 331 km/h), and the third — Biturbo where besides all aforesaid in help engine acts and the modified system of a turbo-supercharging, that pours out in the general of 580 horsepowers and 765 Nanometers of a twisting moment. As to the last here the boundary in 100 km/h becomes accessible in 3,4 seconds, and the maximum speed easily exceeds 336 km/h. The price here as, corresponding also makes only”18 000 euros.


At such powerful stallions, certainly it is not necessary to forget and about «an air corridor» which gives so exclusive a sport hen as Sportec SP580 sufficient air open spaces. The matter is that the sports bodi-whale which basic elements it is necessary to note a face-to-face spoiler with a lip and powerful a tailpiece anti-side panel.


Rounds off a package options the suspender modernised by means of springs (the ground clearance underestimated on 20 mm), a powerful braking system, 20-inch exclusive disks and the leather interior certainly completed according to your desire.


It is expected, that the premiere of a novelty will take place in the autumn on a motor show in Frankfurt.

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