Novitec Ferrari F430 Spider


novitec ferrari f430 spider Novitec Ferrari F430 SpiderStudio Novitec tuning 430 Italian manufactories Ferrari have finished model F, having given and without that to impudent “pepper” has more capacity, style and sports character. The fad of completions is the bi-module of capacity which hoists force of the base unit to 636 horsies at 8 200 rpm. Masters Novitec have achieved such knocking technical indicators which have hoisted capacity on 146 horsepowers, for the account of the special bi-compressor with the permanently-circulating buttered system, the modified soaking up path, an air-cooling system with additional water-cooling system, to injectors, system of buttered cooling and changed electronics of the motor.


At such so powerful Italian horsies, the twisting moment rises with 465 to 638 Nanometers. At 6 250 rpm that plays the big role in the maximum speed which rises on 37 km/h and represents as a result of 348 km/h. Dispersal to 100 km/h occurs all for 3,7 seconds, that practically for one second it is less than at serial model F 430. Now about the price! Given Novitec Sport the package, including installation and a guarantee, will manage to you in the European market under the price in 33 880 euros.


For technical balance or in other words, “if one will disperse, another will stop”, the studio mounted a powerful braking system under the price in 21 900 euros which includes the big 380 mm ceramic brake hollow disks with double eight-piston calipers on a front axle and 4pistons calipers on the rear. As small plus, to the given braking system, the buyer can choose colour of the brake calipers approaching it, which studio offers in three variants – red, silver and black.


For the best road performance of the car, the studio offers specially developed chassis with adjustable degree of a tension and a compression step ahead and behind. Opticheski-sharp elements Novitec F 430 are the big disks in 19-inch design from a light-metal alloy with tyres 255/30 on a front axle and 20-inch disks with tyres 345/25 on rear.


Besides it, the studio offers a magnificent aerodynamic weather-cloth for a body which elements are made of such material as carbone. The weather-cloth successfully adopts shape F 430 and not only improves it, but also promotes the best dynamic effect.


For internal space, Novitec offers the program from completely leather complete set, sports seats and bright aluminium.

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