Novitec Rosso F 612 Scaglietti

novitec ferrari 612 scaglie Novitec Rosso F 612 ScagliettiThere is no limit to beauty and all time it is necessary it to be convinced. So, studio Novitec Rosso which is famous for the exclusive completions in the field of cars Ferrari once again has shown, that it is possible to make the Italian beauty still more beauty, even more powerfully and even more attractively.


The next choice has fallen on actual model Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. Here, on means of the changed program of electronics, and also for the account of installation of special, almost empty sports final system, experts Novitec Rosso managed to receive on pair horsepowers more, that as a result pours out in 555-forces and 599 Nanometers of a twisting moment.


To combine capacity with exclusive dynamic qualities of model, the studio offers the sports, 2-step screw chassis with resetting of the ruggedness which qualities of work it is possible will expose under your discretion.


For approaching “footwear” so magnificent beauty of studio offers disks 10 9,0J x 19J ET 28 with tyres Pirelli P-Zero Rosso of dimension 275/35 R19 for a front axle and disks 12,5J x 20J ET 46 with tyres 335/30 R20 for the rear. High-efficiency braking system NCCB (NOVITEC Composit Ceramic Brake) which consists from 380 mm of the punched ceramic hollow disks and two 8-piston calipers for a front axle and 380 mm of ceramic hollow disks with 4-piston calipers for the rear will counteract capacity. Besides the studio offers completely new a cable, hoses and a material for installation. As a whole, on 20,5 kg. More economically in weight there is a new braking system in comparison with serial, that certainly is big plus in dynamics, both for a suspender and for all model as a whole.


The external shape of model practically has not changed if not to take into consideration the blacked out round stoplights.


For internal space of studio offers every possible variants of furnish by a skin, a sports leather wheel, aluminium applications and every possible accessories.

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